with apple and tahini

I fall in and out of love with porridge, but at the moment I am totally HERE for it. How you make it is up to you but I am a firm believer in milk + oats being the perfect combination as I like it thick and creamy.

I use oat milk for mine at about a 2 to 1 ratio, but I always top up with splashes of more milk along the way. The trick is to let it cook low and slow - my husband manages to make his porridge in about 3 minutes flat (it must be basically raw?!), but I love to let the glutinous oaty goodness develop so that it’s super satisfying.

Tahini is one of my kitchen staples. It’s high in calcium which is great for this dish in particular since I avoid the usual dairy milk that you might tend to make porridge with. IT goes so well with everything: drizzled on roasted aubergines, mixed into a zesty lemon dressing and her eon this perfect porridge with a sprinkle of cinnamon.


Roughly half a cup of porridge oats

Roughly a cup to a cup and a half of oat milk

Pinch of salt


Sliced organic apples (also really nice with stewed apple)


Optional Extras: Collagen powder, chia seeds, raisins.


  1. Add your oats, milk and salt to a pan and cook long and slow (we’re talking 5 mins and above), for the optimum porridge texture. Keep an eye out and if it needs it be ready to add in an extra dash of milk here and there.

  2. Top with sliced apple, cinnamon and lots of tahini!

Grace Bayley