SEASON 2: Sound Bite 1

Hello and welcome back to State of Mind. I’m Grace Kingswell and this is my podcast all about health, wellness, nutrition and of course, that all important, state of mind. 

Firstly I have to apologise for the excessively long hiatus between series 1 and series 2. There have been some changes in my life and, those eagle eared of you, might have noticed the lack of CPRESS in the title of the podcast. That is because I have gone free lance in order to fully focus on my Nutritional Therapy and start building the life I want to lead - and sometimes, you just have to get on and do it. Scary, but fun! That being said, this podcast is now my baby and any love and support you can show it by sharing it on your insta stories and leaving a 5 star review on the iTunes podcast app would be amazing and I’ll love you forever. 

This series I’m giving the podcast a sustainability twist , as it is a notion very close to my heart, but I’m not just going to look at it from the point of view of environmental sustainability. I think we’ve all forgotten of late, and this isn’t a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination, that to sustain simply means to keep something going for a prolonged period of time. That being said, this series I’ll be looking at how we can train sustainably and what that means, what it means to eat sustainably and what that looks like from a health perspective, I’ll be speaking to a Dr in Ethnography about how we can use behaviour change to positively impact environmental change and a LOT more. It’s safe to say I’m pretty excited about this series and I hope you are too. 

Interspersed throughout the series will be a number of Sound Bites (spelt bite), yeh, I was quite pleased when I came up with that one, where I’ll share either some lifestyle or nutrition inspired nuggets with you in a short, 10 minute format. 

Today’s one, aside from telling you a bit about the new series, is about me actually. I know, pretty narcissistic but I’m not shy about sharing my opinions on the podcast and I wanted to explain my position and my ethos as a Nutritional Therapist. 

As some of you listening might know I’ve been on a bit of a health journey myself, still am on it to be honest, and this has massively impacted the way I see Nutritional Therapy and Lifestyle. For me, the important thing is not to tell someone to eat 5 a day or how much the recommended daily intake for calcium is, that’s all sort of a given, it’s how can I help this person heal from a chronic condition such as endless fatigue, bad digestion, sluggish liver detoxification, psoriasis, eczema, acne, IBS, low libido etc etc. In order for our bodies to truly heal we need to see them as one whole system that works in balance with all of its parts. So, if you have eczema and you decide to put some steroid cream on it (as I did for so many years), you aren’t actually treating the root cause of the problem - you’re just suppressing the symptoms of something else that’s going on in your body. 

To illustrate this, I’m going to take the example of celery juice. Firstly I want to say that you are your best doctor. I’ll say that again: You are your best doctor. The situations I’m talking about here are not acutely life threatening, when I had a lump on an ovary age 17 that was a situation in which I needed urgent medical intervention, and thank goodness we have that option available to us. What I’m talking about with the celery juice thing is that when you have low lying inflammation or disease and you try drinking celery juice and perhaps make some other dietary and lifestyle changes along the way, and you start to feel better, then just because there is no medical study published about the benefits, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t drink the damn juice. 

I’m not saying that I support or don’t support the celery juice phenomenon, but that if something makes you feel good then you should do it (within reason, I mean we’re talking about a glass of vegetable juice here). 

The take away is this: that our bodies are powerful healing machines, and given the chance they will heal. Part of that healing process is aligning your mindset to support your physical efforts: Believe that you can heal, and slowly, you will. 

So going back to me and my message throughout this podcast, it will always be exploratory and it will never be narrow minded or dependent on statistics or data - because that is not how our bodies work, they are complicated and idiosyncratic. Nutritional Therapy is an evidence based discipline, but the realisation is specific to every person and involves a lot of lifestyle medicine too. That’s why I’m so passionate about nature, wild swimming, grounding and being an all round wellness warrior, because I really understand the value in these practices having seen how much they helped me, and now are helping my patients too. 

Enough rambling, I hope this sound bite has provided you with some food for thought and some excitement for the series to come. 

Episode two is an interview with a well known athlete, instagrammer and passionate vegan and sustainability warrior and we talk about what it actually means to train sustainably, among other topics such as period poverty and how to eat for a marathon. And of course, I find out what State of Mind means to her. So stay tuned for that one!

As ever, please share the podcast, subscribe, and show it some love, and I’ll speak to you all very soon!

Grace Bayley