The Importance of Mindset in any healing journey

Today I want to talk about something very important, and that is the power of mindset in any healing journey.

In my own experience I didn’t really make any significant progress until I could get myself out of a negative space and into a more positive one. You have to believe your body can heal, and then it will.

Being happy all the time, however, is much, much harder than it looks - as I’m sure you all know. Have you ever felt like you’re doing “everything” you can, i.e. taking all the supplement you’ve been prescribed, watching your diet, avoiding trigger foods, getting enough sleep etc, but still suffering from frustrating aggravations and symptoms on a daily basis? Well, getting wound up about it is half of the problem. We have got to find balance in our lives, in our minds first and foremost, in order to find it in our bodies too.

My Chinese doctor has always said to me “you’re thinking too much.” And what he meant by this is that I swing from happy to sad to stressed to frustrated to happy constantly throughout the day or week and that I was never balanced and just happy with where I was. He told me a funny story once: I was stressing out over a 3 week trip to Australia, panicking about how the long-haul flight would make me feel, the horrible plane food not being suitable and all the things I had to pack and the chores I needed to do around the house before we left. He told me that the last time he visited China, and he usually goes for a few moths at a time, he just left without a thought and came home to a fridge that had grown a large mushroom-like fungus from some left over food that he hadn’t thought to remove before he left.

Now, whenever I can feel myself starting to spend too long thinking about little things I just picture Dr Ye’s fridge full of mouldy mushrooms!! Works a treat.

Some other useful tips I’ve found along the way:

  1. Nature.

    Light is life. It is the most powerful healer. Did you know that the melatonin we synthesise through our eyes is a powerful antioxidant? When I was at my worst I would spend 2 hours walking in nature every morning and not only did it boost my mood immeasurably, but it helped me stay positive about my healing journey as I was out and about exercising and making sure that I slept well that evening by getting some blue light in early in the day.

  2. Having a mantra

    Every morning on my walk (which these days isn’t so long!) I stop and say “I am happy, I am calm, I am stress free” The longer you say it for the better as the subliminal messaging tends to work better that way. Really believe it as you say it and I guarantee it will set you up for a great day. Conquering chronic stress is fundamental to healing as it can take you out of the SNS (Sympathetic Nervous System) and into the healing state of the PNS (Parasympathetic Nervous System).

  3. Me time

    Making sure I carve out enough space for myself during the day is crucial for my happiness. Make sure you do a few things every day that really make your heart sing.

  4. Believe that you can heal. Say it again….I believe that I can heal, and I will.

Grace x

Grace Bayley