treat the cause, not the symptom.


Nutritional Therapy is more than giving dietary recommendations. For me it’s a totally wholistic approach to health and lifestyle. Supplements and diet play just one part of the overall healing journey and I like to treat patients individually, incorporating elements of Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy and Lifestyle Medicine.

I have spent my entire life learning about natural therapies, from the incredible practitioners I’ve seen myself, from immersing myself in the holistic healthcare bubble and most recently from my three year Nutritional Medicine Diploma course at the Plaskett College of Nutrition.

I hope I can help you as much as Nutritional Therapy has helped me.

Grace Kingswell D. N. Med

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Is there something in your life that you’re really obsessed with? Something that you find yourself thinking about all the time? For me that thing has always been food.

From a young age I’ve cared what I’ve eaten and always been fascinated at the way that food can transform our lives. However, growing up I was constantly frustrated by the fact that my friends could eat whatever the hell they wanted, i.e. rubbish, and I never even so much as looked at a mars bar and yet I was fatigued all the time, constantly sick, had terrible digestion, was pretty depressed a lot of the time and then, age, 17 it all came to a head when I wound up in hospital with a huge lump on my left ovary. And to think, I was the ‘healthiest’ of them all! Four years later I was back in hospital, this time for an infection of my fallopian tubes. Growing up I always saw these unfortunate hospital excursions as being totally independent of my overall health, but now, with my training in Nutritional Therapy I can’t help but see it as being connected.

Probably the stupidest thing I ever did for my health was take antibiotics to clear up some mild acne during my early twenties. And, upon finishing each packet I’d call the doctor for a repeat prescription. I probably stayed on Tetracyclines for about a year. I shudder to think what a horrific time my friendly gut bacteria were having whilst I was popping antibiotic after antibiotic! Low and behold, I wound up with an extremely bad case of SIBO - Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth, terrible IBS symptoms, worse energy levels than I had ever had before, chronic fatigue, a likely under active thyroid and a feeling of total helplessness.

It was then that I found Functional Medicine and Naturopathy and slowly I began my healing journey. Along the way, I developed a severe histamine intolerance which made my eyes swell up, my eczema become unbearable and my liver got pretty damn sluggish. I’ve come to understand now that my healing journey centred around needing to support my liver so it could effectively detoxify my body of everything that was weighing me down. Well, to heal your liver you have to heal your bowel, so the SIBO and leaky gut was where I began.

Fast forward a few years and life has never been better, but it’s taken my whole life to get here. Healing from a chronic condition is tough, both physically and mentally. No one really understands why you can’t eat such and such a food one month but then next month you’re intolerant to something else, or why your mood fluctuates so much or why you’ve totally lost your sex drive. It can be incredibly isolating and demoralising.

I’m here to show you that the body is an amazing thing, and that if we can train ourselves to start to believe that our bodies can heal, then they really can. This message was given to me by my Chinese Medicine doctor and it’s stuck with me through it all: “believe you can heal, and slowly, you will.”